Megan Reardon has been publishing online since 1998 and creates whimsical (or downright strange) DIYs over at Not Martha. She lives in Seattle and is notmartha on almost any social media site you can think of.

Here is what is current-ish over at Not Martha:

[cake wtih a rainbow inside]

Rainbow Cake: Cake with a rainbow pattern inside, made as a Leprechaun Trap Cake.

[papier-mache polka dot easter eggs]

Polka dotted papier-mache Easter eggs to fill with candy, toys or secret notes.

[Easter Surprise Eggs filled with treats]

Easter Surprise Eggs: Hollow eggs, colored brightly with food coloring and filled with small toys and candies. To get inside you need to crack the egg.

[Easter Surprise Eggs, lined with chocolate and filled with treats]

Chocolate Easter Surprise Eggs: Hollow eggs with an interior shell of dark and white chocolate then filled with candies. One need to break both the shell and the chocolate to reach the things inside.

[Dahlia Pin made from felt]

A felt dahlia pin for your favorite mom, with a secret pocket for notes of appreciation.


Flower Pancakes: How to make pancakes that look like flowers, created for Mother's Day.

[car kit full of useful items for Fathers Day]

Car Kit for Father's Day, full of useful items (flashlight, handiwipes, tire gauge, sunscreen). Turns you favorite father into a ready for anything superhero.

Star shaped foods for your Oscar's party, they also happen to be gluten-free.

Create your own secret decoder party invitations.